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Bulwark: Everything you need to know about the Privacy Focused Digital Currency

Want to be a millionaire overnight? Well, that dream became a reality for thousands when Bitcoin saw a surge in its prices last year followed by Ethereum, Ripple etc. in the next few months.

Since then new investors have been looking forward to other cryptocurrencies that help double, triple or even 10x their investment and one such game changer could be Bulwark. Here’s a little in detail about it.

What is Bulwark

Bulwark too is a digital cryptocurrency and revolves mainly around the concept of Masternodes which was first introduced by Dash but isn’t limited to it.

The developers at Bulwark have laid emphasis on building a cryptocurrency with user-privacy and involvement of community at the helm (something any community member will agree with).

For privacy purposes, Bulwark has looked beyond simple software and coin mixing upgrades with changes to hardware being top of their agenda. For this, Bulwark recently launched their Home node with work progressing for both a Hardware Wallet and also a Home Router.

A Few Features of Bulwark that help it to stand out.

Below are some core features of Bulwark that make it one of the most looked forward to crypto projects for 2018-19


Well, first and foremost to set up a masternode you’ll need 5000 BWK tokens as collateral which comes to around $4000-$4500 (at the time of writing this).

Secondly, if you’re just a newbie and want a quick-fire way to set up the masternode, you can purchase the Home Node from the Bulwark online store for around $100 (payment accepted only in BWK Tokens).

Bulwark rewards masternode operators for maintaining a blockchain copy and speeding up transactions while maintaining privacy.

Focus on Improving hardware

Like we mentioned above, Bulwark isn’t restricted to just software upgrades. To bring about a hardware change, apart from the Home Node, Bulwark is also working towards a Bulwark Wallet and Home Router.

One of the main benefits the Bulwark wallet over Nano is that it is open source. This means that any bugs etc. can be fixed even by the community rather than having to wait for changes from the company itself, thus ensuring your safety lies in your hands.

With this Home Router, the traffic is routed through the TOR network which means your identity remains intact without compromising on the benefits of the Home Node.

Proof of Stake Protocol

Bulwark’s use of the proof of stake protocol not only makes it an attractive investment as you’d get compensated for helping the network function optimally but also ensures a natural split of the coins between those staked and those used to run the masternodes so everybody gets a fair playing field.

Lesser Supply

Starting with a circulating supply of 14 million, the Bulwark team expects it to rise to 27 million over the next 5 years and thereafter increasing by 561K coins per year. This ensures there isn’t too much inflation.


With the crypto market on a downtrend lately, note, that even a lucrative investment like Bulwark is subject to various risks. So make sure you’re only investing the money you’re open to losing.

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